Even with good oral hygiene, you can have dull and yellow teeth. A Duggal Dental clinic we provide teeth whitening in Pune camp, which will help you achieve bright white teeth

Is teeth whitening in Pune camp effective?

Yes, teeth whitening treatment is effective and they can help you achieve teeth that can be up to 3 to 5 times brighter depending on the condition and color of your teeth.

How much whiter will my teeth become?

The final result of teeth whitening depends of the condition and existing color of your teeth. Depending on the condition the result will vary. If you have Yellowish teeth the response will be better to whitening. For brownish teeth, the response to whitening will be less well. Whereas, grayish or purplish teeth may not respond to whitening at all. With all types of teeth whitening procedures, the degree of whitening varies from person to person. It also depends on the condition of teeth, the nature of stains, the concentration of bleach, and the time duration of teeth whitening.

Will teeth whitening cause harm to teeth?

Too much of anything can be bad. if you start overdoing it and use too many different whitening products without consulting your dentist, you might get in trouble. It is always recommended to do whitening as directed by your dentist or get it done by a dentist. Overdoing whitening treatments can weaken enamel and cause sensitivity. But teeth whitening will not harm your teeth.

What is teeth whitening cost in Pune camp?

The teeth whitening cost in Pune camp can vary based on the condition of your teeth. But teeth whitening treatments are quite affordable.

Does teeth whitening treatment affect teeth filling, crowns/veneers?

Teeth Whitening is the process of bleaching your teeth. So it won’t affect your teeth fillings or crowns and veneers but will, however, clean and restore the false teeth to their original color. It is recommended to get teeth whitening before you plan to have a crown, bridge, filling, or false tooth so that your dentist can match the color of your teeth better.

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