Looking for root canal treatment in Pune camp? At Duggal Dental Clinic, you can experience painless root canal treatment in Pune camp.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is used to save your natural teeth from infection and tooth decay.

What are the indications for root canal treatment?

You might need root canal treatment if you have the following symptoms

  • You can experience pain that can range from mild to sever.
  • The pain will keep on worsening with time
  • You might experience difficulty in eating
  • You might experience sensitivity while consuming cold or hot food or drinks
  • There might be swelling in the gums

Is Root Canal Treatment painful?

RCT’s are performed to relieve the pain of the tooth caused by inflammation or infection. And unlike old days, you can now experience painless root canal treatment in Pune camp at Duggal dental clinic

What is the treatment duration?

You might need 2-4 appointments for root canal treatment depending on the condition of your teeth.

Is it important to get root canal treatment?

Yes, it is important to get RCT. If you don’t get the treatment, the very primary and obvious thing will be, pain – you will be suffering severe toothache which will refrain you from doing almost everything. The infection will spread to different parts of your jaw. The infected tooth gets further damaged and becomes beyond salvage condition

What can I do to prevent RCT?

Good oral hygiene and regular dentist visit can prevent you from having to get RCT. Your dentist can catch the infection early and prevent it from happening.

Is there an alternative to RCT?

The only other alternative to root canal treatment can be the extraction of infected teeth. But this will result in you missing your tooth. It is always better to try and save the natural tooth.

Still worried about pain and root canal treatment, visit Duggal Dental clinic and experience the painless root canal treatment.

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