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What are Dental crowns?

Dental crowns or caps are custom-made tooth covers that go over the top of a natural tooth that has had a root canal treatment or for covering broken or weakened teeth when a conventional filling is not enough.

Why is a dental crown used?

Its primary function is to protect your teeth from breakage while also assisting in the strengthening of the affected teeth and preventing additional damage.

What’s the procedure to get crowns?

In most cases, a crown is placed in two appointments. In order to fit properly in your mouth, crowns require two sessions.

  • Our dentist prepares the tooth by lowering the volume so that the crown can be set on top of it during the first appointment.
  • After that, we take an impression of the tooth to create a crown that fits between the teeth on each side of it and is the same size and shape as the one that is being capped.
  • At the conclusion of this visit, we will install a temporary crown on the tooth to protect it until the permanent crown is ready.
  • On the second visit, the permanent crown is cemented, and we make sure it feels comfortable and natural, as well as that your bite is correct.

What is the dental crown cost in Pune camp?

The dental crown costs in Pune camp will vary according to the type of crown and the material used.

Is the dental crown noticeable?

The crown will be constructed to seem as natural as feasible with your other teeth. To ensure that the color seems natural and complements the surrounding teeth, the hue of the surrounding teeth will be recorded.

Will the crown have a distinct feel to it?

You may notice it at first since the crown’s form differs somewhat from the shape of your teeth before it was capped. It should feel fine in a few days and you won’t even notice. If your bite is uncomfortable, the crown may need to be adjusted; if this is the case, you should contact your dentist to check and fix it.

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