Most of us take care of our kids teeth through brushing and cleaning, but decay can still occur. That is why we recommend getting procedures to help dental cavity prevention in kids.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral, which occurs in soil and water. It helps to build strong bones and teeth and also helps to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Is Fluoride Important?

The Plaque, bacteria, and sugars form acids in your mouth that attack the tooth enamel causing the loss of minerals (demineralization). Tooth decay occurs when there’s not enough remineralization to counteract the demineralization.

Is Fluoride important for children?

Yes, Dental fluoride is essential for the healthy development of permanent teeth in young children.

Is dental cavity prevention in kids possible using Fluoride?

Dental Fluoride not only prevents tooth decay but can also help to reverse early tooth decay.

What to expect during Fluoride treatment?

There are two ways in which fluoride is applied – topically or systemically. The treatment which is done in clinic by the dentist is topical and involves the use of fluoride varnish, gels, and foams. The dentist get rid of the built-up by deep clean the teeth. The dentist will cover the surface of teeth with fluoride using a swab or brush You should avoid eating food 30 minutes after applying the gel or foam solution, allowing the fluoride to be absorbed.

Are There Any Side Effects of Fluoride Treatments?

Too much fluoride can affect your dental health. You can suffer from fluoride overdose if you use fluoride and also consume the supplements. Dental fluorosis occus more in children because they easily swallow the fluoride toothpaste.

Fluorosis can cause:

  • Tooth discoloration. Fluoride overdose causes white specks, staining, and pitting on the teeth.
  • It affects bone homeostasis, the process of remodeling and creating new bone.
  • Dense but brittle bones
  • Allergic reactions which cause skin irritation
  • Acute toxicity that leads to diarrhea, nausea, excessive swelling, and tiredness

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